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This site is to record the servitude of sissy joanne, a very luck sissy that is allowed to serve the magnificent Mistress Carmine. She is the most wonderful and kind Mistress, putting up with my errors and mistakes. Mistress Carmine has said that i have a "tiny, useless miniscule nubbin " and She is of course correct. i am only allowed to touch it with Her permission and i am only allowed to spurt with Her permission.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Leave of absence

i will be posting very irregular for a while, personal issues have arisen and i must attend to them.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Hi everyone!  i am so sorry that i have not updated the blog for a few days.  i really do appreciate the comments that are made here.
i was a bit under the weather and neglected posting here.   Today is day 40 since i last cum, and Mistress has some plans to play today.   She has ordered me to drink a certain amount of liquid and to put an enema in my pussy.  i will wear my bra and panties while scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.
Mistress also allowed me to let nubbin out of its cage and it immediatly got hard.  She said that She was interested in piss and cum control today and i know that with piss control it will be painful for me today.  i do not know about the cum control, She has never played with me much that way yet other than keeping nubbin locked up.
i will reinstall the cage exactly 24 hours from the time it was removed which means it will be in a bathroom stall at work!
i keep checking the poll at NTC, the 1 year is winning at the moment, but i keep holding out hope that it will change.  Until Mistress Carmine posts that the poll is closed i have a chance of it changing!
Have a great day - mine is certainly looking fantastic at the moment!
sub sissy slut and bitch joanne

Saturday, August 19, 2006

32 days and more

Today is day 32 of denial, but it is also nearing a week of being locked up.  Actually in the last 12 days the little nubbin has only been out of its cage once. 
i had to work today and have to work tomorrow some too.  Monday i am going out of town and won't be back until very late on Tuesday.  i should be able to connect to the Internet both Monday and Tuesday evenings in order to catch up with any duties that i have.
Mistress wants me to check into going to a salon while i am gone, but the town i am going to is very very small and conservative.  i don't think there will be a proper place there, but i will look in the phonebook.   The other problem is that i will get there late in the day on Monday, have meetings most of the morning Tuesday and then head back home.  i will also be traveling with others so the stars may not align properly for the task. 
Looks like my lunch hour is about over, i am heading back to work.  No emails or other tasks to catch up on, i will check back when i get home tonight.
Oh and i found a new group place on the Internet like Yahoo groups only it is adult oriented.  It is in beta and there were certainly some SQL issues with it, but it looks like it will be good.   And they allow content that Yahoo regularly kills groups for having.
Check it out at  i was wondering if Mistress Carmine would think of starting a group there and moving sometime because of the way Yahoo kills groups.
Have a great weekend everyone.
sub sissy slut and bitch joanne